Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I did it! I actually finished my Christmas Journal, and within a month of Christmas no less! :) I'm fairly certain that if I hadn't had to go home to Ontario for 2 weeks over Christmas that I would have got this puppy done on time. Until the day I left I was completely on track with doing my one page a day. But, while I was away I made sure to do my journaling on the important days, and sketch out ideas for others. I would have finished earlier, but I was just waiting on getting back a couple photos from my sister's camera. Got those last night, and slapped my last couple pages together. So now, I present to you, my COMPLETED Christmas Journal!

I did my pages in all different sizes and mediums, and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. I feel like I could just flip through this thing for hours :) I'll share with you a couple of my favourite pages:

So there you have it! Christmas in an album :) I don't think i'll really scrap too many other Christmas photos now that I have this, maybe just a couple of Nate (cause he's too hard to resist!) And I'll DEFINITELY be doing this project again next year, and I highly recommend you all signing up along with me at Shimelle's site. You only have to sign up once and you can join in every year :)

I will leave you with something completely unrelated to Christmas... my 365 photo from yesterday:

Yes, that's right... it's a skeleton... from Hallowe'en! lol It sort of blends in with the window and I never notice it, so it's just stayed up since October! Oops! I felt I should document that before I took it down, which I swear I'm going to do today! lol

Happy Tuesday!
<3 Gillian


Lisa said...

Love the Christmas album! Did you use Christmas cards? Genius if you did. I've been thinking of what I should do with those for years. I never throw them out. Thanks for the idea!

Jen said...

I'm taking bets that the skeleton will still be there when I get home in 3 weeks!

Happy you got your album finished - although I still have a few more Christmas pics to upload to Flickr!

That Girl said...

good job on getting that Christmas journal done. I know after the fact I'm always so reluctant to just go back and get it done already.

Julie said...

Hi Gillian, I love your blog and your work.

~Julie from Scrapdango

jessi said...

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your christmas journal....i am still behind on mine...it's still not finished...but maybe that's what i will work on today...finishing it up!!

have a fabulous wednesday!!

Jeani said...

What a beautiful blog with awesome artwork! I love your banner and I´m eager on mor things you show in the future!

Thanks for sharing!

Regards from Germany :)

Stacy said...

hey jessi mentioned you on her blog thought i would come check you out awesome stufff girl !!!!

Sylvia said...

hey, how cool you're doing the project 365 as well. will check out your flickr! thanks for commenting on my blog!

jackie said...

Wow Gill, those christmas pages are amazing...and I'm LMAO over the skeleton in Jan.

Debbi said...

That Christmas album is simply fab. I think I may do one next year. I love it.

sally hanna said...

love the xmas mini and the skeleton, hehe!