Friday, March 14, 2008

I am le tired...

So wow... I am the worst blogger ever! lol I can't wait until I'm done working so much, it stresses me to no end AND leaves me with less time to blog/scrap/generally browse the net. Hopefully after next week i'll be back to working just half time again *crosses fingers* Not sure how all you full time workers do it!! *bows down to you all*

Anyways, the voting is on now over at Coordinates Collections for the final round... and I have so few votes! lol It's seriously depressing. I don't feel like my work is any worse than the other two girls, but i have like 4 votes to each of their 15. I suck! lol And it's hurting my scrappy ego, that's for sure. So if you're a member over there, head on over and vote for me ;) hehe

Okay, I must go, again. I'm sorry that I suck at blogging.... but i generally suck at everything right about now! Except for spending time with my sis and nephew, i'm an EXPERT at that right now :)

Happy Friday!!!
<3 Gillian

P.S. Just in case you were worried, I have kept up with my 365 photos... just need to print them/upload them/organize them :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I made it to the final round in the Scrapping With The Stars contest over at Coordinates Collections! That means I will win a prize, which is SWEET! Free stuff makes me giddy with excitement :D I don't think by any means that i'll win this round, there is for sure one other contestant who is WAY better than me, LOVE her work, and would totally think she deserves to win. But i'm thrilled to be this far :)

Here are my two layouts that got me into this round. THey were inspired by Tim Holtz and Jen Dubbs (0ne of the CC DT members).

Now I have to design layouts inspired by Kimberley Madrid (another DT member over there) and Cathy Zielske. I had never even heard of Cathy before :S So i need to research! Already finished my Kimberly layout tonight at scrapbooking though :)

So, if you live in my area, and are interested in taking one of my classes at the scrap store where I work, here's the details! I'm super excited about it, even though i'm not 100% pleased with my sample layouts.

Also, the store (Scrapbook Central) is having it's grand opening on Saturday, and i'll be doing card demos and working all day. So stop by for at least 10% off!!

I'll be back in a day or so with my 365 pics, just need to get them on the computer :P lol

Happy Thursday!
<3 Gillian