Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's that time again!

Time to head out camping that is! This time we're going with the usual crew (Brandon's family and friends) down to a campsite in Nanaimo. I guess it's quite nice, and is on a great river that you can kayak and swim in. My sister and nephew are STILL not home, so I'll be bringing both our little chichuahua and the big beast, Turner. His sore is healing up quite nice, but it's still a large scab that needs to stay dry. So no swimming for the poor boy :( I'll try to make up for it in lots of walking and ball throwing though.

A week away from home means a week away from my scrap supplies... and it already seems like I don't get enough time for that anymore! I've been mostly working on projects for work and such. I need to get back to some good old scrapping of Nate photos! hehe He'll be back hopefully this weekend, so there should be lots of photo ops.

Don't forget to check out Lotus Paperie on Friday for the next challenge! It's an interesting one. Sorry for the photoless post, but after last time's pic, you're probably all thankful ;) hehe

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Gillian

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking care of Turner

Well, this week has definitely taken a turn for the not-as-much-fun. I would say worse.. but it's not really THAT bad... just unpleasant. To start with my allergies are UBER bad at the moment! I'm one of those people who's allergic to the whole world... grass, trees, flowers, mold, dust, fur, feathers... and the list goes on. Normally I take one 24-hour allergy pill every day and I'm pretty much good to go. Not this week! I'm a sniffly, blubbery, watery-eyed mess! lol But I've got nothing on my poor puppy (okay, he's not MINE, he's my sisters, but I've been taking care of him for the last month) Turner. I discovered yesterday that he had a weird crusty spot on his cheek that was all bloody. I took him to the vet and turns out it's a 'Hot Spot', otherwise known as moist eczema. They had to shave half his face to allow the wound to get air and dry out. It looks SUPER SUPER nasty though :S And painful too. The poor guy is just not himself, he only chased the ball 3 times today.. which for anyone who knows Turner, knows that's just crazy. :(

There's a new challenge up over at Lotus Paperie (okay, it's from Friday, i just didn't tell you until now) and it's a pretty unique little inspiration piece. You should all go check it out!

In my final bit of news, Rae-Lynn is home!! YAY! And next week my sister and Nate will be home! All my favourite people back in the same town as me. Life is good! :)

Oh, except for the part where I get to clean an oozing wound off of a giant dog twice a day. :P

Happy Tuesday,
<3 Gillian

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


how time flies! I feel like i just blogged yesterday and got back from my camping trip... but that was WEEKS ago! I'm a bad, bad, bad blogger! But the good news is that now at least once a week I'll have a great new challenge layout to share with you from Lotus Paperie, so that will give me an excuse to blog ;) Speaking of that challenge layout.... you can check out the current challenge (from last Friday) over at the Lotus Paperie Blog. It's a pretty good little sketch! Here's what I came up with from it:

There will be a new challenge up over there on Friday, so don't miss it! In other online scrapbooking news.... I was asked to step down from the Scrap n' Art design team.... apparently I wasn't keeping up with their insane amounts of work over there. And I was also told that my graphic design work wasn't right for what they were looking for in the eZine. I'm quite proud of my graphic design work and think it was much more professional and quality than what they were doing, but at any rate we weren't meshing. I'll leave my comments at that as I don't want to get rude :P

So that means that lately i've been able to scrap for just me, which is fun! I've noticed that my style has really become a bit plain lately... but i'm okay with that. I like it, even if each layout is pretty similar. I'll work on stepping out of the box later ;)

My life is still pretty boring! My sister and nephew are away visiting family, so I've been chilling with my man and trying to keep up my exercise program. I'm getting a bit burnt out with it though, so if you have any tips on keeping motivation high, let me know! lol I'll leave you with a few layouts I've done recently of my little man. I definitely have WAY too many pages with this guy on them! hehe

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Gillian