Friday, January 25, 2008


You may be wondering why I am doing a happy dance... so I will tell you! I MADE THE DESIGN TEAM AT The Little Scrap Shop!! I am so unbelievably stoked about it! The competition in the second round was fierce and I wasn't sure I'd make it. BUT I'M IN!! And I'm so glad :) The ladies over there are amazing! I've met so many great people during the process and think I'll really be making some great friends. The owner, Angel, is super motivated and fabulous. She has big plans for the site and it will be growing all year long. Also, if you like kits, their current one is awesome and the upcoming ones are looking pretty hot too! The cool thing with being on the DT is we get to help make the kits, so look out for a fabulous kit made by moi! ;)

In other happy news, I will also be doing graphic design for the sites new EZine! We have BIG plans for this little project, so I'm hoping it will get HUGE!!! Wow, doing graphic design that has to do with scrapbooking? It's like my dream come true! And I get 'paid' in scrapbook supplies.... what could be better? *continues on with her happy dance*

Okay, I want to post some projects that I did for the Round 2 Design Team contest and then I'll leave you to your Friday!
This one was done using only cardstock, paint, and office supplies!

This one took inspiration from Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life painting. Isn't my little man adorable?? hehe
This was for a Basic Grey product challenge. All the papers used are from Basic Grey's Mellow line. This album is about my Family "Right Now". I'm quite pleased with it! You can check out the whole thing over at Flickr in this set.

And that's it! I will post tomorrow with some other projects and my 365 photos. Just didn't want to bore you to death with this post! lol Happy Friday everyone!!

<3 Gillian


Vicki said...

Congrats! Your work is beautiful!!

jackie said...

Wow Gill, that Family book is awesome, I'm headed over to Flickr right now!!! I love the improving me page too, especially the paperclips. Congrats on the DT and Graphic Design gig.

As The World Scraps said...

Congrats girlie!!! And I really am excited to see what yo do with the ezine! I am sure that you will rock the world with it.

Kristi said...

I'm really excited to work with ya gal! It's gonna be fun!!!

Jen said...

I am sooooooo excited for you! Why did you now call me instantly when you found out though! Love the Nate's super cute. EFLt you a comment about the Family album over at's too great for words!

Allison said...


Lisa said...

Congrats! The paper clips, genius! love that page... actually, I like them all. Wow :)