Thursday, February 28, 2008

I made it...

to Round 3 of the Scrapping With the Stars contest over at Coordinates Collections! I'm pretty excited about that! It's down to just 6 people left, and only 3 will be going on to the final round. If I get chosen to move on, I'll win a prize, so i'm pretty stoked about it! BUT the stars who I have to be 'inspired' by are Jen Dubbs (who is a CC Design Team member) and Tim Holtz. I am SOOOOOO not a Tim Holtz kind of scrapper. EEEK!!! What to do, what to do! Please cross your fingers that the scrap gods send some mojo my way on Saturday while I work on these layouts! lol

So, I worked my first day in the scrapbook store yesterday! It was a blast! Well, as much of a blast as working can be, anyways! I loved helping people find products and giving advice and tips. SO much fun :)

Okay, it is WAY past my bedtime, but i wanted to just blog quick and share these next couple 365 photos with you! Plus my two layouts from the last round of Scrapping with the Stars.

This was my Elsie Flannigan inspired layout for Round 2 of Scrapping With the Stars!

This was inspired by one of the DT members at CC. I LOVE how this turned out!
Photo credit goes to my fabulous sister :)

Wanted to document my favourite towel. It's cheap and crappy and from Walmart.. but it soaks up the water AMAZINGLY well. Love it :)

Who wouldn't love working in a store with so much pretty stuff??

Finally got my ATC's from my first swap back! They look so pretty in
the box I decorated for them :)

Happy Friday!!!
<3 Gillian

Monday, February 25, 2008

I did it again!

Went a whole week without blogging! That's what happens when my sister and my little man (aka Nate, my nephew) are home! I go to work, I spend time with my sis and Nate, I go home, I spend a little time playing WoW with Brandon, and then it's bed! Not much blogging, blog reading, or scrapping going on lately! I'm sure that I will fit in more computer/scrapping time once I stop spending so much time with Nate and Jen. But it's hard, because Nate is ridiculously adorable and I love my sister a lot. Just today at lunch we spent half the time laughing hysterically about things I can't even remember now! lol

So, what have I been doing all this time with my sis and Nate? Not much! Just chilling, chatting, taking almost all my 365 photos of Nate. Yesterday was GORGEOUS outside though, so we all trekked off to the beach. I LOVE living in Comox on days like that. It was warm, sunny, no wind and the beach was amazing with all the mountain views. Jack and Turner ran around like mad, Nate snuggled on Jen's back in the carrier and we all enjoyed a nice walk. It was a perfect day :) Unfortunately the running around like mad for Turner also involved swimming, which inevitably causes him to shake the water off, and onto anyone nearby. This resulted in splashes all over the camera.... so none of the pics turned out :( Booo!! Just a good excuse to head out and do it again soon :)

Well, I will leave you with the last of my 365 photos and the link to Scrap n' Art so you can all go submit and subscribe ;)

My good friend Jas FINALLY met Nate for the first time!
Monday's mean production day at work. Last minute proofing of the paper before we send it to print.
Nate's new favourite thing is to shove any cup he can into his mouth and suck on it. We're not sure whether he should be doing it... but the pictures are too funny to resist! lol
Love this pic of "Uncle Brandon" trying to be cheerful with a cranky Nate! lol
Look at how adorable he is!! This is the sweet little old man sweater Brandon and I got him for Christmas! About 2 seconds after taking this picture he spit up ALL over himself! lol
Why must black cats be so hard to photograph?
My favourite 365 photo yet. Jen and Nate before we head to the field for a walk.
Snapped this one using the Photo Booth on Jen's Mac. Does that count? I say it does :) I'm such a nerd and LOVE taking the stupid distorted pictures. lol
In the process of putting my 2007 photo album together. Something about filled up photo albums just makes me so happy :D

And on that note, I'm going to go finish the notes in my 2007 album.
Happy Monday!
<3 Gillian

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scrap n' Art!

See? I told you i'd be back today ;) Just a quick update to let you know about the current calls going on over at the EZine that I'm working on. I would LOVE to see you all submit! There are calls for mini's, grad layouts, mom/dad layouts, and more! Please, please, please head over to the Scrap n' Art site and check out the calls. While you are there make sure you subscribe using the sign up tool! We're giving away a HUGE prize to one random subscriber. And it's free to subscribe. What more can you ask for? :)

Been spending LOTS of time with my sister and my little man. Nate is CRANKY and not sleeping well. Which means my sister is stressed, and i'm worried about her. I hate to see her unhappy :( and when Nate just cries all day and won't sleep, she is very unhappy. I spent the afternoon with him so she could get out of the house. I will hopefully spend more time with him this week too!

Okay, now on to some more 365 from the past week:

Little Nate came home! Loved cuddles with Auntie Gill :)

Bouncing baby! All smiles in the Jolly Jumper :)

Pasta at White Spot. Notice that Brandon gave me his pickle? I have him well trained!

Walk in the woods with the family!

I will post the last couple days tomorrow when I get them on the computer :)

Happy Tuesday!
<3 Gillian

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'll be back...

on Tuesday. True story!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


...I was panicky. It was not good. Reminded me of myself 4 years ago. Which is bad. VERY bad. On the bright side I got to talk to my Mom to make me feel better, which was a very very very nice change from the past. So that made me smile.

Then we took Jack to agility. More smiles. He wore his orange sweater :)

Daily photos:This one didn't turn out... boo!Mmmmm...sausage.All day crop... lots of Cricuty goodness.Love. Love. Love. Clip It Up.Brandon attacked my face. I look like a noob.Drugs were not enough to stop the anxiety today.

Tomorrow my sister comes home, and Nate. It will be better than today, I'm sure of it!

Sorry for the depressing post!
<3 Gillian

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bad, bad, bad Gillian!

Well, apparently I suck at blogging! lol You'd think on my week off I could update you all.. but NO! I was too busy cleaning and scrapping and sleeping and GETTING A NEW JOB! That's right ladies (and gentlemen) I am now employed (very) part time at Scrapbook Central :D I'm pretty excited about getting to work in the store and getting to prepare and teach some classes. YAY!!

I also spent the whole day yesterday at a crop with some friends. It was a blast and I got 6 layouts done. GO ME! I even used stamps and my Cricut, which were my goals! Then today I've been working on a couple layouts for the Winterlicious CHA challenges over at SIStv. So, since I am not in a chatty mood (been a wee depressed lately... not sure why. maybe my sis and Nate coming home on Wednesday will brighten me up!) I will leave you with my layouts from the past two days. It's dinner time for me!

Happy Sunday!
<3 Gillian

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's about time!

Well, I'm just today starting to feel myself again! THANK GOODNESS! I had to work all day Monday to get the paper out, and MAN was that exhausting! So yesterday I slept a good portion of the day, but today I woke up and I felt like ME. I even went so far as to do my hair, makeup and wear human clothes. Went and did a few errands and felt like a person again :) Here's my 365 from today, needed to document the fact that I was dressed and outside today! lol

Not much going on this week. I'm back into my days off.. which feels weird since I only worked one full day... man I'm going to be BROKE soon! lol Which is why I've talked with some of the owners of local scrapbook stores and am going to visit and bring resumes and portfolios tomorrow. I'm looking for just a BIT of extra work in my off weeks, and would LOVE the opportunity to teach some classes :) So wish me luck!

I've been working pretty hard at getting things ready for the EZine that I'm a part of. In fact, the girls from the design team have decided to close down the monthly kit portion of our team and focus strictly on the zine. We already have quite a few advertisers, submissions and product donations, so I'm REALLY excited! There is actually an open call on right now for the Zine, and I would LOVE to see some of you submit your work. You can get all the details at the official Scrap n' Art website. We really want this to be HUGE, so head on over and submit.

I have been quite scrappy lately, but they have mostly been projects I can't post here. For different DT calls and for some contests, but as soon as I make something fun that I CAN share, it will be here. I'll leave you with some 365 from the past days.A sneak peek of my entry over at Coordinates Collections for their Scrapping with the Stars contest. If you're a member there, head over and vote!Reading my new book in my pj's in the sun!Mmmmmm, sour cream on my pasta! Heaven ;)Little Jack trying to lick peanut butter off his nose. Is it mean that when I give him peanut butter as a snack I smear it on his face, because it amuses me to watch him lick it off? lol

Happy Wednesday everyone!
<3 Gillian

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Quickie For Ya ;)

Hey all! Hope you're all gearing up for a fabulous weekend full of fun and Superbowl parties! I probably won't be doing much partying for the Super Bowl this year, since I'm still getting over whatever bug i have. But I'm sure I'll watch and possibly partake in some snacks ;) I'm cheering for the Patriots, they're not my team (GO BROWNS!) but I'd like to see them have an undefeated season!

Not much going down around here, I'm still sick... I'm still cranky... and Brandon is just about fed up with me! lol But in happier news, I'm the featured Guest Designer over at Coordinates Collections! I'm not sure why, but I got all giddy and goose bumpy when I saw my pic on the front page for the Guest Designer position! So go check it out! You can read my cheesy bio and see my goodies that I made with the kit!

Speaking of Design Teams, the crew over at The Little Scrap Shop has whipped up a new kit for February! And it's a good one, I must say! Can't wait to get mine to play with! It's a good price too, totally affordable for what you're getting! There are even some great little clear stamps in there. LOVE LOVE LOVE kits that include things I can use over and over again :) While you're over there checking it out, come on and join the forum! It's a bunch of great people so far :) We also have an EZine starting up soon, and our first call is on now, so you'll want to check that out (and Jen, I am SO making you submit!)

I will leave you with some 365 photos from the past few days. I really need to get out and take some great OUTDOOR photos. Stupid being sick :(

Happy Friday!
<3 Gillian