Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photo Update!

Okay, I'm getting a cold, and I'm not feeling chatty today! Boooo! But I wanted to post my latest 365 photos as well as the one or 2 projects I've done lately that aren't assignments and can be posted on here! So, I will leave you with photos and hopes that you enjoy the last bit of your weekend :) It was sunny out, so I put on the shades and my puffy jacket and headed out to play with the puppies!Forgot to take my photo, I remembered at like 11:30pm, couldn't find my camera, so I snapped a quick photo of Hope! Oops! lol Quick close up of one of the decorations in my hallway. Went to my monthly Stampin Up party. The group this time is all my best scrappy friends, it was awesome!! Camera ran out of batteries and I couldn't find my charger :( SO i snapped this cellphone pic of Brandon and I before we went for dinner. Love this little view of Jack sleeping behind the laptop! He's just too cute :)

Wow, that was a lot of photos! Sorry about that :P And now for two more quick ones. These are layouts I did while scrapping at my friend Barbs place (which, by the way, is the BEST place to scrap!). I'm liking the one of Nate (though credit for that AMAZING photo goes to my uber talented sis, Jen, not me), because the photo and papers are such fun. The stuff for that layout all came from the January kit over at Coordinates Collections. The other layout from Halloween is not totally my current style.. it's a bit plain. But the papers (which are great and are from Stampin Up!) were busy and I wanted to just focus on the photos. So that's that!

Happy Sunday!
<3 Gillian

P.S. I made it through to the second round of Scrappin With The Stars over at Coordinates Collections, so now it's down to 20 people and they'll narrow it to ten in the first round! I'm done my layouts and will be posting them over at the forums there soon, so you should go join and check them out! :)

P.P.S. Have you check out The Little Scrap Shop yet? You should ;)


melissa o. said...

your doggie is TOO cute! Yes, she's small, but I don't know what kind of dog she is. I rescued her from the Animal Control. There's a layout on and a pic of her in my earlier posts - take a guess...

btw: you and your love are so adorable!!!!!

jackie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and layouts Gill. I always look forward to seeing your latest from the 365 challenge.

Lisa said...

I'm always trying to get the perfect picture of our cat, he's such a little devil though! holy terror! The picture of your cat is so pretty and how cute is your little dog :)
You look happy and cute w' your man.. aw..
and.. I love the layout, girl you got spunk for sure!

Jen said...

LOVE the layouts! Especially the one of our little man! Jack on the bed is way too cute BTW!

Miss You!