Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home sweet home!

Well I'm back home, and BOY does it feel great :) Sleeping in my own bed with my little ones (aka the two cats and my chihuahua) around me felt AMAZING! You know what else was amazing? Talking to my mom on the phone today! She got her tracheotomy removed (the tube she had in her neck to help her breath) and she can talk now! She sounded just like her old self, and it was perfect to hear her talking :)

Not much to say today, but I do have my latest 365 photo to share with you. The prompt from Anna was about colours that look good on you. I wasn't feeling it, since I don't have a favourite colour that looks good on me... but one of my favourite colours is brown.. and I saw this moment of my chihuahua, Jack, and my sisters dog, Turner (who I'm taking care of while she's away) playing on their bed. They're both shades of brownish, so I snapped a photo. Love that Turner is being a good boy and sitting perfectly still for the camera... and Jack is a blur of motion and energy, harassing Turner (as usual!) Lol!

I wanted to point out that my sister is also doing the 365 challenge, and has posted her photos over at her blog, so you should all check it out! She also has some adorable photos of my nephew over there, and could use some cheering up ;)

See you tomorrow, hopefully after a long day of scrapping!!!
<3 Gillian

P.S. Thanks to all the fabulous people who have sent me RAK's to cheer me up about my mom :)


jackie said...

I was wondering who would care for their 'first born'. I'm sure it makes Jen's life just a little bit easier knowing Turner is in such good hands. Great news about your Mom.

jessi said...

YAY!! to the news about your mom!!! don't know all the details...but having tubes removed is always a good thing!!!

love the 365 for today...very cute pup!!!

C'est Moi! said...

Awww! What a cute dog!

Saucy said...

Glad about your mom!

You've got great links on your blog and I love your photos. I'm inspired to do some kind of 24/7, 365, 52 day, 12 month sort of thing now.

jackie said...

Love the new banner...jack is cute...great daily motivation to think about your word.