Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa Baby!

I'm still on a roll with my scrapping! Up to date on my Christmas Journal (which I so thought I'd fall behind on, let's see what happens when I head away for the holidays!) and gotten quite a few other layouts done besides that! I worked on a layout last night for the challenge over at How Much Is Too Much, in which you had to use 5 patterned papers, 5 ribbons, 5 embellishments, 5 stamps and 5 fasteners. The theme was 'Top 5' and to do with the holidays. It was a fun challenge and there aren't many entries so far, so you should go and check it out :) I'm just loving my finished layout, which is odd for me, normally I don't like my work too much!

So tonight Brandon and I are going to cozy up in front of the TV with some good old National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and finish up our wrapping (ie. start our wrapping! lol). He even spoiled me (as usual) and made a nice lasagna type thing for dinner, with veggies and my FAVOURITE dip! I'm not sure how I was so lucky as to find this guy, but trust me, I am never giving him up! :)

Just a few more days until I head back to Ontario for Christmas. My whole family is there, so it's where I need to be for Christmas, but I'd much rather enjoy Christmas in my own house. But my mom, who is still in ICU, is doing a bit better, and is awake and starting to talk, so she wants to see us on Christmas. I'm glad I'll be able to be there and cheer her up a bit :)

Happy Thursday all!
<3 Gillian

P.S. I'm working on an adorable little project that I so wanted to show everyone, but it's a Christmas present for my sister and she reads this, so I can't :P But keep your eyes peeled post-Christmas to check it out :)


jackie said...

Wow Gill, that is a super cute layout. Nate is lucky little man to have an aunty like you. Have a safe trip back home and know there will be many Christmases to come to enjoy in your own house (we're finally there after almost four years together!)

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

good for you on your journal...i have fallen horribly behind....
you are awesome!

Kate O'Brien said...

Love that layout! And that's our family favorite Christmas movie!

milkcan said...

Great layout! I'm glad to hear that you're pushing through your Christmas journal and getting it done!

jessi said...

you are too hard on yourself if you don't like your LO' far the ones i have seen are great!!! i really love how you did the top 5!!!

have a wonderful christmas with your family in ontario!!!

Sharmaine said...

love the layout and can't wait to see the 'surprise'

Gwen said...

gorgeous layout love it!!!!!
Nate is so sweet...have a wonderful christmas with your family gilian!!!
can't wait to see the christmas gift you will do for your sister!!!!

Latharia said...

Awesome job staying caught up on your Christmas Journal pages. I slid behind in the wake of my Cookie Day madness last weekend, but as of today, I'm all caught up, too! :)

Love the Santa Baby page -- what a wonderful tribute!! It'll be super to look back on, in years to come! So soft & pretty, just like snowflakes!