Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Missing my little man

Well, my sister and Nate (my nephew) have been gone for less than two weeks and I just miss them like crazy! I knew I'd miss my sister, since we're ridiculously close, and with Mom so sick it would be nice to have eachother close by, but I didn't think I'd miss Nate so much! At least with Jen I get to talk to her each day. It's pretty hard to talk to a 3 month old! lol All I can do is hear his little giggles on the phone and picture his big smiles. But I just want to see his big smiles :(

This time away from him is only temporary, but next year my sister and her husband will be posted away to another Air Force base... which means they'll be moving my little man across the country. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to let them leave! lol Anyone have a good plan as to how to keep a family of three (plus a giant dog) living in your basement? :P

Anyways, speaking of Nate, I did a little layout of him the other night. I'm not super pleased with it, was hoping it would turn out better, but the photos are adorable, so I thought I'd share anyways. Happy Tuesday!


melanie said...

thanks for visiting my blog (litchick). i love those mod flowers on your layout -are they chipboard or felt or neither?

Chasity Grace said...

cute lo. and love the puppy pic!

Marie said...

Wonderful page! So sorry u miss the lil guy! Its hard im sure!

Lisa said...

I know how it feels to have family love so far away. You will have to go visit them maybe. And, your layout is sweet.

jessi said...

Hey!! thanks for visiting my blog!!! love your LO of nate...super cute!!!

i miss my family that is still on the west coast...who am i kidding...i miss the whole west coast, LOL!!!

been browsing your blog...love your HOPE LO...it's fabulous!! and your christmas tree photo is beautiful!!! love that you got to use it in your christmas journal!!!

have a fabulous tuesday and merry christmas!!

Jen said...

Hey - I'm still only seeing your puppy layout on my screen?? What's the deal?

jackie said...

At least you'll be seeing Nate soon. No advice on how to keep them in comox though....Cute layout those are great pics of Nate.