Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

Wow! I actually took a picture all by myself that I'm proud of! This never really happens, as I am so not a good photographer, but with inspiration from my sister and other online sites, I'm trying to learn new tricks of the trade! It's the one thing I tend to dislike about a lot of my scrapbook pages ... bad photos! So I figure it should be the first thing I try to improve.

I started working on taking some good photos of my Christmas tree for my Christmas Journal (I'm taking the class with Shimelle). I played with settings and by using the aperture priority setting and a slow shutter speed (I THINK that made sense, but don't quote me! lol) I got a pretty decent photo. :)

I then used the photo on my layout for the day, which had me discuss my Christmas tree, and that turned out quite well too! All in all, a great day in the scrapbooking world of Gillian :)

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