Tuesday, February 12, 2008


...I was panicky. It was not good. Reminded me of myself 4 years ago. Which is bad. VERY bad. On the bright side I got to talk to my Mom to make me feel better, which was a very very very nice change from the past. So that made me smile.

Then we took Jack to agility. More smiles. He wore his orange sweater :)

Daily photos:This one didn't turn out... boo!Mmmmm...sausage.All day crop... lots of Cricuty goodness.Love. Love. Love. Clip It Up.Brandon attacked my face. I look like a noob.Drugs were not enough to stop the anxiety today.

Tomorrow my sister comes home, and Nate. It will be better than today, I'm sure of it!

Sorry for the depressing post!
<3 Gillian


jackie said...

Hope today is better (I'm sure it will be as you see Nate and Jen again). I didn't realize you were doing agility with Jack - that would be too cute to see, I love seeing little dogs run. T and B say they are jealous.

elizabeth said...

oh i'm sorry that you had such a sucky day! i can related :(

love the blog
{elizabeth} on sis :)

jessi said...

awww...gillian...sounds like a tough day!!! and i definitely sending you tons of love and hugs...i have been where you were and still struggle...tomorrow will be a good day...TRUST me!!!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry for your anxiety. I hope you are feeling better today. Love the pics. At least you will have a little happy mail soon :)(((hugs)))