Friday, February 1, 2008

A Quickie For Ya ;)

Hey all! Hope you're all gearing up for a fabulous weekend full of fun and Superbowl parties! I probably won't be doing much partying for the Super Bowl this year, since I'm still getting over whatever bug i have. But I'm sure I'll watch and possibly partake in some snacks ;) I'm cheering for the Patriots, they're not my team (GO BROWNS!) but I'd like to see them have an undefeated season!

Not much going down around here, I'm still sick... I'm still cranky... and Brandon is just about fed up with me! lol But in happier news, I'm the featured Guest Designer over at Coordinates Collections! I'm not sure why, but I got all giddy and goose bumpy when I saw my pic on the front page for the Guest Designer position! So go check it out! You can read my cheesy bio and see my goodies that I made with the kit!

Speaking of Design Teams, the crew over at The Little Scrap Shop has whipped up a new kit for February! And it's a good one, I must say! Can't wait to get mine to play with! It's a good price too, totally affordable for what you're getting! There are even some great little clear stamps in there. LOVE LOVE LOVE kits that include things I can use over and over again :) While you're over there checking it out, come on and join the forum! It's a bunch of great people so far :) We also have an EZine starting up soon, and our first call is on now, so you'll want to check that out (and Jen, I am SO making you submit!)

I will leave you with some 365 photos from the past few days. I really need to get out and take some great OUTDOOR photos. Stupid being sick :(

Happy Friday!
<3 Gillian


Nat said...

Congratulations on your guest design gig!

jackie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Gill (for both your and Brandon's sake..haha).

Charity S. said...

Feel better soon!

Marlies said...

Sweetness! So do you happen to know if the Little Scrap Shop ships internationally? :)

I hope you feel better.

Jen said...

You'd better get healthy again before I bring the little man home!! Checked out your bio...could you have mentioned me any more times? LOL

Where are the projects that you did with the kit though?? I didn't see them.

Vanessa said...

I love that you alway stop by my blog and leave a 'hello'. Keep submitting pages, you never know, you could end up the winner for the Couture Collection!! Take care of yourself and work hard on getting better so you can get back to scrapping!

domestic goddess said...

wohoo on the GDT spot hun!!
and my DH was rootin for the GIANTS!!
anna x

Debs said...

Lovely blog! Hope your feeling better very soon!! x

Ronda P. said...

Congrats on the GT spot...really cool. It was a great superbowl game and I was happy with the way things turned out :-D.

themacmomma said...

Yea for the guest DT spot!
Hope you are feeling better!

jessi said...

i don't do the superbowl...or any sports for that matter, lol...hope you had fun!!!

love your 365 photo's and i really hope that now youa re feeling even better than when you posted this!!

have a fabulous wednesday!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw the little orange and brown mini-book Lee made and I thought - could it be? Yes! A Browns fan. Me too!