Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bad, bad, bad Gillian!

Well, apparently I suck at blogging! lol You'd think on my week off I could update you all.. but NO! I was too busy cleaning and scrapping and sleeping and GETTING A NEW JOB! That's right ladies (and gentlemen) I am now employed (very) part time at Scrapbook Central :D I'm pretty excited about getting to work in the store and getting to prepare and teach some classes. YAY!!

I also spent the whole day yesterday at a crop with some friends. It was a blast and I got 6 layouts done. GO ME! I even used stamps and my Cricut, which were my goals! Then today I've been working on a couple layouts for the Winterlicious CHA challenges over at SIStv. So, since I am not in a chatty mood (been a wee depressed lately... not sure why. maybe my sis and Nate coming home on Wednesday will brighten me up!) I will leave you with my layouts from the past two days. It's dinner time for me!

Happy Sunday!
<3 Gillian


metrochic said...


i love these! you go ahead on and rock it out with your bad self. ;)

Michelle said...

LOVE your layouts! You're so darn cute!!!

(mizzm from SIS)

Charity S. said...

Those are awesome Gil!!
WTG on the new J.O.B!!!

Jen said...

Man are you ever making me miss scrapbooking! LOVE the layouts. I think Nate's naked-time one is my fav...although your Bud girl one is very cool too!

So do you have a sitter lined up for me for Thursday night or what? Is Uncle Brandon free? Or maybe Auntie Shirley??

jessi said...

you know that working at a scrap store means you won't be bringing home a pay cheque?? in will end up owing them money!!! LOL!! have fun!!! i love teaching!!!

and i love your scrappiness!!! my fave is the Bud girl one...even tho we are canadian here, lol!!

glad you're feeling better and have a fabulous day!!

jackie said...

Great layouts, and congrats on the job!!! Has it been cloudy/rainy lately? I bet you need a good dose of vit D. You and Brandon should take a drive up Mt.Washington on your next day off and get above the clouds...I swear it will work wonders even if all you do is have some hot cocoa in the sun.

Jenn said...

Congrats on the Job:) I love the layouts, and the new photographer in you.

Cookie Aguilar said...

hi! just visiting! wow! i super love your layouts!!! great job on them!