Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's about time!

Well, I'm just today starting to feel myself again! THANK GOODNESS! I had to work all day Monday to get the paper out, and MAN was that exhausting! So yesterday I slept a good portion of the day, but today I woke up and I felt like ME. I even went so far as to do my hair, makeup and wear human clothes. Went and did a few errands and felt like a person again :) Here's my 365 from today, needed to document the fact that I was dressed and outside today! lol

Not much going on this week. I'm back into my days off.. which feels weird since I only worked one full day... man I'm going to be BROKE soon! lol Which is why I've talked with some of the owners of local scrapbook stores and am going to visit and bring resumes and portfolios tomorrow. I'm looking for just a BIT of extra work in my off weeks, and would LOVE the opportunity to teach some classes :) So wish me luck!

I've been working pretty hard at getting things ready for the EZine that I'm a part of. In fact, the girls from the design team have decided to close down the monthly kit portion of our team and focus strictly on the zine. We already have quite a few advertisers, submissions and product donations, so I'm REALLY excited! There is actually an open call on right now for the Zine, and I would LOVE to see some of you submit your work. You can get all the details at the official Scrap n' Art website. We really want this to be HUGE, so head on over and submit.

I have been quite scrappy lately, but they have mostly been projects I can't post here. For different DT calls and for some contests, but as soon as I make something fun that I CAN share, it will be here. I'll leave you with some 365 from the past days.A sneak peek of my entry over at Coordinates Collections for their Scrapping with the Stars contest. If you're a member there, head over and vote!Reading my new book in my pj's in the sun!Mmmmmm, sour cream on my pasta! Heaven ;)Little Jack trying to lick peanut butter off his nose. Is it mean that when I give him peanut butter as a snack I smear it on his face, because it amuses me to watch him lick it off? lol

Happy Wednesday everyone!
<3 Gillian


Lisa said...

ha.. ha.. that last picture cracked me up! So funny. I'd be mean like that too if it was so cute! I hope your new zine thing goes well and that you can do some teaching. That would be fun!

Sharmaine said...

Oh very cool photos!!!
Love them!!!!

Magpie said...

I don't know if it's mean to give him peanut butter just because it amuses you to watch him eat it. Either way, he gets the peanut butter, right? Besides, that really is a hilarious picture!

Patter Cross said...

Love the journaling photos of your days. Awesome! And cute puppy! :)

Jen said...

First of all - yay for potential new jobs! But who's going to babysit while I attend your classes???

Second - I see that you're driving my truck...interesting! Btter be a full tank of gas when I get home! LOL

Third - LOVE the pic of Jack. Not cruel at all. Can't wait to try for a photo like that with the Turner monster!

Fourth - I'm totally stoked to submit to your E-Zine!

Jules said...

That last picture is so cute. It reminds me of my dog who use to lick PB off the roof of his mouth.

Good luck getting a teaching job, I'm sure you'd be awesome!

ScrapFairy said...

well good luck on your hunt for a job, I hear ya on the extra money I just got a job at our LSS, I start friday. And so glad that you are feeling better, you had that for a long time. Have a great rest of the week and great sneek peek on that layout, so cute.

china59 said...

Wow ! I love your POTDs and your peeks !
Congrats on the ezine and good luck for the job !

sharon said...

don't know where it all started... but tallyscrappers and A Scrappin' Friendsy kept it going and now it has come to you. I'm Shaorn from ASF... and have enjoyed your scrappin & your blog since we "met" at ASF. go to my blog to find out what to do since you have been tagged... you have a list to make. not hard. and fun!
just copy and paste.
happy tagging!

Suzanne said...

Glad you're feeling better. Love that pic of Jack! LOL

Debs said...

Glad ur feeling more like yourself! :) Love the pictures!! :)

jackie said...

Mean...yes...but funny and I don't see Jack

the fan said...

Good luck with all your plans - and by the way, you're looking pretty cute after a few rough days!! Wish I could sparkle like that after feeling a bit 'off'!!! xoxo