Monday, February 25, 2008

I did it again!

Went a whole week without blogging! That's what happens when my sister and my little man (aka Nate, my nephew) are home! I go to work, I spend time with my sis and Nate, I go home, I spend a little time playing WoW with Brandon, and then it's bed! Not much blogging, blog reading, or scrapping going on lately! I'm sure that I will fit in more computer/scrapping time once I stop spending so much time with Nate and Jen. But it's hard, because Nate is ridiculously adorable and I love my sister a lot. Just today at lunch we spent half the time laughing hysterically about things I can't even remember now! lol

So, what have I been doing all this time with my sis and Nate? Not much! Just chilling, chatting, taking almost all my 365 photos of Nate. Yesterday was GORGEOUS outside though, so we all trekked off to the beach. I LOVE living in Comox on days like that. It was warm, sunny, no wind and the beach was amazing with all the mountain views. Jack and Turner ran around like mad, Nate snuggled on Jen's back in the carrier and we all enjoyed a nice walk. It was a perfect day :) Unfortunately the running around like mad for Turner also involved swimming, which inevitably causes him to shake the water off, and onto anyone nearby. This resulted in splashes all over the camera.... so none of the pics turned out :( Booo!! Just a good excuse to head out and do it again soon :)

Well, I will leave you with the last of my 365 photos and the link to Scrap n' Art so you can all go submit and subscribe ;)

My good friend Jas FINALLY met Nate for the first time!
Monday's mean production day at work. Last minute proofing of the paper before we send it to print.
Nate's new favourite thing is to shove any cup he can into his mouth and suck on it. We're not sure whether he should be doing it... but the pictures are too funny to resist! lol
Love this pic of "Uncle Brandon" trying to be cheerful with a cranky Nate! lol
Look at how adorable he is!! This is the sweet little old man sweater Brandon and I got him for Christmas! About 2 seconds after taking this picture he spit up ALL over himself! lol
Why must black cats be so hard to photograph?
My favourite 365 photo yet. Jen and Nate before we head to the field for a walk.
Snapped this one using the Photo Booth on Jen's Mac. Does that count? I say it does :) I'm such a nerd and LOVE taking the stupid distorted pictures. lol
In the process of putting my 2007 photo album together. Something about filled up photo albums just makes me so happy :D

And on that note, I'm going to go finish the notes in my 2007 album.
Happy Monday!
<3 Gillian


Anonymous said...

so cool!!! you spend all the time you can with that adorable nephew of yours!!!

love the photo's!!

Amadia said...

I love that photo where he is eating the glass. Ha, that is totally something I would have done.

Jen said...

Yes...that's right! Forget blogging...who needs to blog anyway? Spend more time with us!!!

LOL Love the pics :-)

Anonymous said...

i want to see more scrapbook layouts soon though!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

love all the pics!!

domestic goddess said...

aww so loving these photos!!