Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's that time again!

Time to head out camping that is! This time we're going with the usual crew (Brandon's family and friends) down to a campsite in Nanaimo. I guess it's quite nice, and is on a great river that you can kayak and swim in. My sister and nephew are STILL not home, so I'll be bringing both our little chichuahua and the big beast, Turner. His sore is healing up quite nice, but it's still a large scab that needs to stay dry. So no swimming for the poor boy :( I'll try to make up for it in lots of walking and ball throwing though.

A week away from home means a week away from my scrap supplies... and it already seems like I don't get enough time for that anymore! I've been mostly working on projects for work and such. I need to get back to some good old scrapping of Nate photos! hehe He'll be back hopefully this weekend, so there should be lots of photo ops.

Don't forget to check out Lotus Paperie on Friday for the next challenge! It's an interesting one. Sorry for the photoless post, but after last time's pic, you're probably all thankful ;) hehe

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Gillian

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