Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He's Crawling!!

Yay!! I feel like a proud Momma, only I'm not the mom, but my little nephew, Nate, is crawling! His mom saw him do it a little bit on Monday night, and told me to get him to try yesterday at lunch. So I plopped him down on his belly and sat a few feet away from him. He crawled right on up into my arms! It was so exciting :D He kept on crawling to me every time I would put him on the floor away from me. He sure does love his Auntie Gill ;) At this point he has yet to crawl to anyone else, not even his mom, so I feel pretty special! hehe

Didn't get much scrapping time this past week, unfortunately. Spent time with my sister and Nate, worked, and prepped and taught a class at Scrapbook Central. I did have a chance as part of my class to make my sister a little Mother's Day mini album, since it was her first year as a Mom. She loved it, which was great :) I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with my mom, as she lives across the country, and it felt pretty sad this year. I would have loved to see her and spoil her for the day. She seemed quite down on Mother's Day too, so I sent her flowers Monday morning to cheer her up. Hope it worked :)

I feel like my life has become quite mundane and boring! Which is actually okay by me, but not very exciting to blog about! lol The most exciting thing that happened this week was a trip to the vets with all THREE of my animals. Now THAT was a challenge! Rounding up both cats and the dog and dragging them in to the vets took much longer than I thought. They all did well though, except for the shedding all over me in fear. I swear I could have made a new cat out of the hair that was deposited on my shirt! lol And then to top off the excursion, Shady pooped in his carrier on the way home. Now that was a fun smell to be trapped in my little car with. :P

Anyways, tomorrow I am off to Quadra Island for our yearly May camping trip. It marks the beginning of the summer camping season, and should be pretty nice this year. Hopefully I'll take lots of pictures to make up for this post!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
<3 Gillian


krystyn said...

Nate is adorable.

Eeks on the cat poop in the car - thankfully that hasn't happened to me, yet.

Vanessa said...

I think that Nate's crawling AND the cat poop both deserve to be scrapped, don't you! LOL I think that little boy is just the most gorgeous thing EVER...lucky auntie! You must have no shortage of cute baby pics to scrap...hope you've got a big stockpile cuz the challenges are about to start!!!!! YAY!