Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fabulous Weekend!

I've been meaning to post all week about my fabulous weekend of camping, but life is busy when you're not on the beach just chilling :) So, it is Thursday, and a few days late, but it's here none the less for you few people who keep checking back!

So, last Thursday Brandon and I left to go to Quadra Island to camp with the family and friends for the long weekend. We go every year with Brandon's parents and a few of their family friends, and it's always a good time. This year was no exception!! The weather was just absolutely GORGEOUS the whole time, and everyone left with tans (and sunburns, unfortunately).

Also, Jen, Nate and Turner came up for the day on Friday, which was great. We went for a VERY long walk along the beach and through the woods and spent time on the beach. Nate had his first little dip in the ocean too, which was fun :)

Then that night Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Tikka came to stay for the rest of the weekend. That made for some fabulous nights around the campfire, and some great days in the sun. And don't forget lots of napping.... there should always be napping when you're on vacation :)

There is not much other news going on right now, especially of the scrappy variety. I've done some great layouts, but have yet to take photos of them. That is my job for this weekend or next week on my days off. To post all my work from the past month and get caught up on all my EZine and work projects. So wish me luck ;)

Tonight i'm off to scrap at the military base with a few friends and hope to get some of my ABC's of Me pages done. Though I should probably work on my mini album for work... oh the great dilemmas of my life! lol

Happy Thursday everyone!
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P.P.S. There will be a great new challenge up tomorrow at Lotus Paperie, so check that out too!


Anonymous said...

Guess you'll be too busy scrapin' to hang with your sister and nephew next week! And I'm disappointed there are no cute Nate/Jen/Turner pics from your fabulous weekend :-(

The Selman's said...

Hope you had a good time at the MFRC tonight! I'm behind on my BAM pages too. Love your first pic from the weekend! See you on Saturday night!

Jackie said...

looks like you had a fabulous weekend, good luck with getting your work done next week...I'm at the write it all down stage...we'll see where it goes from here :)

Rae-Lynn said...

Love the pic of us. Was so happy to see you had updated when I randomly checked. Love ya BFF. It was a super fabulous weekend!