Friday, March 14, 2008

I am le tired...

So wow... I am the worst blogger ever! lol I can't wait until I'm done working so much, it stresses me to no end AND leaves me with less time to blog/scrap/generally browse the net. Hopefully after next week i'll be back to working just half time again *crosses fingers* Not sure how all you full time workers do it!! *bows down to you all*

Anyways, the voting is on now over at Coordinates Collections for the final round... and I have so few votes! lol It's seriously depressing. I don't feel like my work is any worse than the other two girls, but i have like 4 votes to each of their 15. I suck! lol And it's hurting my scrappy ego, that's for sure. So if you're a member over there, head on over and vote for me ;) hehe

Okay, I must go, again. I'm sorry that I suck at blogging.... but i generally suck at everything right about now! Except for spending time with my sis and nephew, i'm an EXPERT at that right now :)

Happy Friday!!!
<3 Gillian

P.S. Just in case you were worried, I have kept up with my 365 photos... just need to print them/upload them/organize them :)


thingsyoudidntdo said...

Well I for one am loving the Nate/Jen/Gill time!! if I could vote for you I would!

karlynn said...

I voted the other day for your lo...You do AWESOME work :)

Jackie said...

Glad you were able to keep up with your photos and of course your Jen and Nate time (that pic she posted of you and him is adorable BTW).

jessi said...

hey gillian!!!! we ALL have moments of not getting around to this computer world!!! it's tough!!! i am a blog slacker these days and i have never been good at following blogs and leaving comments...there is always something!!

i don't submit a lot for calls for that hurts the creative ego!! good luck i really hope you can generate some more votes!!!