Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are you with us?

Super cool project going on over at! I'm going to try it :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've lost my mojo!

Well, i think it's official, i've lost my scrap mojo :( I just can't seem to pull off any real great layouts lately, which sucks cause I have tons of work to do for the store and the ezine. I went to an all day scrap yesterday and I just wasn't feeling it. I only got 4 layouts done and I wasn't super pleased with any of them. Oh well, I'll give it another go tomorrow at Rae-Lynn's place and hope for the best!

Speaking of Rae-Lynn, we've talked and hung out a lot this week! Before the scrap weekend I wasn't even sure whether she really liked me, but I feel like we totally clicked, which is awesome! I'll be so happy to have another fabulous friend around for after my sister leaves. Not sure anything will completely replace my sister leaving, but Rae-Lynn and I are blood sisters, so you never know ;) hehe Anyways, she blogs too, and has an adorable son, so check her out here. Here is Jen being le jealous of Rae-Lynn and I at the Support Our Troops concert, which by the way, was a good time :)

In other news, I totally gimped up my toe this week! I knocked a picture frame off the wall at my sister's place and the corner landed right on my toe. I thought that it was going to be disconnected when I took my sock off to look, it hurt that bad! lol This was on Wednesday, it's now Sunday, and I still have to limp so that it doesn't completely hurt. Booooo!!

Also worked a few days this week at the Scrapbook store and taught a mini album to a 12 year old birthday party. It was a busy week, but the extra money helps, and how bad can it really be when you work at scrap store? Speaking of which, we got LOADS of new stuff in this week, so if you're local, you should stop by. Except for you, Laurel, you can't visit me there until July ;)

I will leave you with a few layouts from the past week or so, and then I'm off to update all my 365 photos at my Flickr (username is spunk33grl if you want to check them out). Happy Sunday all!

<3 Gillian

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For my BFF ;)

Well, I am back!! Due to some not-so-gentle persuasion from my new buddy Rae-Lynn, I have decided to blog and update everyone on my (boringish) life. I've been pretty busy the past month! I've started working quite a bit at the Scrapbook store and also spending lots of time prepping for classes at the store. I taught my first class which went fairly well and have both a cards class and a mothers day acrylic album in the works for next month :) I took a significant break from scrapping anything for myself for awhile, due to working on store stuff too much, but went to a weekend long crop hosted by one of my friends and got a lot done. I will take pics of those on Friday, if it's sunny and get them posted :)

In other fabulous scrappy news, I found out that I'M BEING PUBLISHED!!!! WOOHOO!! I will have a layout featured in Becky's Sketch of the August issue of Creating Keepsakes. I'm SO excited about this! :) I don't plan on submitting for magazines a lot, since I want to just scrap for me, but I am very happy about being published once, just to say I did it. I also have a fabulous (if I do say so myself... which I don't normally about my own work, but I particularly loved this one) layout under consideration with Canadian Scrapbooker, so keep your fingers crossed for that one. If I don't hear back from them I will post it here for you guys, because I'm super proud of it.
One last scrappy tidbit before I move on... the premiere issue of Scrap n' Art came out today! It's pretty cool, so you should definitely all check it out if you haven't already :) Loads of great layouts and projects in there, as well as some fun tips, techniques and interviews.

So what else have I been spending my time doing? Mostly just chilling with my nephew :D He is way too adorable and my sister and I have too much fun playing with him and laughing, so I spend LOTS of time at their place. I'm sure my boyfriend gets jealous, that's how much time I spend there! lol That adorable picture of him is from yesterday, and was my 365 photo for the day. He was playing with my sunglasses and looks WAY too cute. I could probably share adorable photos of him with you all day long, but I don't want to seem repetitive (or make Rae-Lynn jealous of how cute he is), so i'll just leave it at that!
I've been keeping up on my 365 challenge, though i'll admit, many of my photos are pretty uninspired lately. I'm hoping to get some mojo back now that its spring! Here are a few of my favourites from the past month to finish things up:

Happy Tuesday!
<3 Gillian
P.S. For you local scrappers, i'm working at Scrapbook Central tomorrow, so come visit!!